• From 300k orders, we ship for free in Vietnam for all orders (except bikes for sale, really heavy items). For under 300k orders, customers pay for the shipping fee.
  • Delivery time is specified in each product. Usually takes 3 - 4 business days to come (for in-stock products).
  • Shipping days are calculated asMonday-Friday; Holidays, Saturday, and Sunday are not included. Delivery company may not speak English. They will try to reach you by phone before delivering. 


    Some products are not displayed/stocked at store!

  • Due to a large number of items but limited space, Chrunix will not stock all models in all sizes at the store. We specify on the item stock if we can try to order the item from the distributor.
  • Detail of availability will be in the product description.


    International shipping / orders

  • International shipping can take up to 30 days. We usually reach out by email to confirm the order before proceeding with the shipment.