Favorite Questions & Answers

Q) Does your website actually have items in stock?

A) The entire goal of Chrunix is to stock what we say we stock. This is unlike most online stores in Vietnam that appear to advertise everything, but sell nothing. Buy anything on our store and it will be delivered within one to two to four days.

Q) Why should I trust you?

A) Chrunix is a natural expansion of TigitMotorbikes.com, which is the largest motorbike rental company in Vietnam. To cope with the logistics of the accessories rental clients needed, we created Chrunix. This website is now available to everyone worldwide, and we hope eventually it becomes a reliable platform for all motorcyclists.

Q) Do you have a physical store I can visit?

A) We currently have one main retail location in HCM city. It is possible to visit Danang and Hanoi stores, but the website is displaying HCM stock.

Q) Where do you source products from?

A) We stock the standard items that most Vietnamese shops sell. However, where we stand out is our imported gear from the UK. Our entire Forcefield, Bell and Fly racing range are products that will not be found in Vietnam.
Motorbike parts are also tried and tested within the TigitMotorbike fleet before landing on Chrunix. Everything on this website is used within Tigit and aimed at providing the maximum value for money in terms of cost vs KM covered.

Q) When will I get my stuff?

A) 2-4 working days depending on where you are in Vietnam

Q) How can I tell if an item is in stock?

A) Stock and availability information will be shown once you have selected a size / color when viewing a product. This information will also be shown on the shopping cart page and in your order confirmation email.

Q) How do I know what size to get?

A) Most of our brands have a size chart, size charts links are next to the size options when you are viewing a product. For additional information, it may be useful to look up the product brand's web site, or better yet, ask us!

Q) What if my item doesn't fit?

A) We try to have a very lenient return policy. We understand that every jacket, helmet, etc., may fit a bit differently and it can be difficult to buy that item on the Internet and be sure it fits correctly. See our Return Policy for details

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