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Simple and quick to use tire pressure gauge

One of the most under-rated tools in a motorcylist kit is the pressure gauge. Stay safe out there and have your tires set to the correct PSI.

Pressure too high? Risk blow outs

Pressure too low? Risk pinch flats

No screwing or fiddling involved. Simply push the pressure gauge into the nozzle of the inner-tube to get an electronic reading.

Most models of motorbike will be happy in the range of 20-30PSI. This lightweight pressure gauge is very easy to use. Around 20 seconds to check the PSI.

Easy to use mechanism to let air out if the pressure is to high.
Basically put the gauge on straight to get a reading, then put the gauge on at an angle to let air out.

An item that should be in every drivers kit bag!


Product Name Tire Gauge Digital
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