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LS2 Airy Man Jacket

LS2 Airy Man Jacket
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Size Italian Waist (cm) Shoulder (cm)
S 48 35 39
M 50 39 43
L 52 43 47
XL 54 47 51
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Jons Comments

Shoulder pads, back pads, front pads, elbow pads and an extremely lightweight an breathable design. This is a bit of a winning product for Vietnam, where the temperatures are hot. 

For a slighty warmer based jacked, check out the Ls2 Alba.

The sales stuff

LS2 AIRY MAN armor is a protective jacket based on a combination of large mesh fabric and wear-resistant mesh fabric. The air permeability is up to 90% while still providing full protection such as protective jackets for motorcyclists and motorbikes. The shirt is fully designed with back, shoulder, elbow, and chest armor to ensure maximum safety for the user during vehicle control.
LS2 always puts safety first, so the Airy Man shirt is also designed with reflective details to increase safety at night.


  • Fabric material incorporates ultra-light mesh flow when entering up to 90%, increasing the ability of air conditioning, not causing heat. Ventilation is extremely important for motorcyclists, especially in hot weather like in Vietnam. Thanks to its mesh fabric design, LS2 AIRY MAN Armor creates a cool feeling for the wearer.
  • The CE breast pad protects the chest against impact, the cushion is water-resistant, good-force-resistant, wear-resistant, easily removable, convenient for cleaning. LS2 jacket allows you to change the breast pad, which is hidden inside the jacket. Anti-wear, easily removable, convenient for cleaning. LS2 jacket allows you to change the back cushion that is hidden inside the jacket. Especially users can change with other back pads available in the market.
  • The fabric part at the elbow and shoulder is sewn with ripstop fabric, increasing resistance to tearing, anti-wear when crashing, high air release, not shrinking when facing wet conditions. Besides, the CE pad protects the shoulder and elbow well, helping to minimize impact forces, and better protect the user.
  • Logo LS2 is designed in reflective printing, increasing safety at night, low light conditions, or unfavorable weather.
  • Easily adjust the size of the neck, sleeve and waist sections to suit the wearer
  • The shirt is designed with 2 side pockets for a familiar feeling.
  • LS2 AIRY MAN armor meets the European standard EN 1621-1: 2012.
Size Italian Waist (cm) Shoulder (cm)
S 48 35 39
M 50 39 43
L 52 43 47
XL 54 47 51

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