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Lazer Rafale SR

Lazer Rafale SR
As low as ₫4,740,000 was ₫5,580,000
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  • 53-54(XS)
  • 55-56(S)
  • 57-58(M)
  • 59-60(L)
  • 61-62(XL)
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Jons comments

A legally imported high quality helmet is a rare thing in Vietnam. Also to have one that is certified under ECE, DOT, and Vietnamese Cert (whateva that is), but it has done it. What's more, is that Lazer will only be found in reputable shops, so counterfeits and Chinese copies are not around.


  • I.M.A.C. injected shell- Impact Modified Alloy Composite
  • 2 shell sizes
  • 1550 +/- 50 gr (L)
  • ECE 22.05


  • New spoiler "sport" mode
  • Additional "racing" spoiler with adjustable air flaps
  • Aerodynamic stabilizer


  • Internal sun screen
  • Clear anti-scratch screen Pinlock® ready
  • Elastomeric moulded visor trim
  • Quick release screen ratchet


  • Micrometric buckle


  • 4 reflective zones


  • 5 ventilations
  • Ventilation Full Air System (FAS)


  • Speaker ready (not pre-cabled)


  • EPS - Quadruple density internal shell (optimized upper insert protection)
  • Interior 100% removable and washable
  • Morpho System Plus (cheeks and head pads available in your size)
  • Ergonomic 3D cheek and head pads


  • Flexible removable chin curtain

Handy features

  • Emergency cheek pads removal
  • New spoiler
  • Aerodynamic stabilizer
  • Flexible removable nose deflector
  • Speaker ready (not pre-cabled)
  • Specific helmet bag
  • 53-54(XS)
  • 55-56(S)
  • 57-58(M)
  • 59-60(L)
  • 61-62(XL)
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