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Ipone Chain Cleaner - 750ml

800649 - Ipone Chain Cleaner - 750ml
French brand for motorcycle oil, bringing high quality oil into Vietnam. Want to take care of your motorbike, then this is the stuff to get.
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Spray solution for cleaning chains, compatible with O-ring and X-ring, road and off-road.

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CHAIN CLEANER is a solvent-based degreaser that dissolves the most stubborn greases without damaging the O-rings. It can be used for your road bike, off-road, or even your quad.
Its multi-position diffuser allows you to combine the power of the jet with the precision of the spray.

Spray the product inside and outside the chain. If necessary, rub with a brush to remove grease.
Allow 10 minutes to dry to allow the solvents to evaporate.

  • High power chain degreaser
  • Compatible with O-X-Z
  • Multi-position broadcaster
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