Motorbike Servicing and Mechanic shop

Book an appointment for motorbike service and checkup Saigon motorbike service and checkup. In Saigon, we have experienced mechanics that are responsible for the Tigit Motorbike rental fleet, during Covid-19 times we now have enough spare time to service outside motorbikes!

The benefits of using our Mechanic Shop

  • High quality parts that are used in the Tigit rental fleet. Our parts are tried and tested for maximum value for money over distance.
  • Mechanics with the skillset to predict the parts that should be replaced now, to avoid a breakdown later.
  • Part ordering worldwide from the USA or UK, OEM parts to custom parts. We can get anything!
  • English speaking management for when things go wrong!
We specialize in offroad and dual sport bikes, but can work on all motorbikes. Please see our mechanic shop service request in the attached document.

Quick summary of our price and service

  • General work billed by the hour 350,000vnd per hour.
  • For random test drives or any services that require “a tiny amount of mechanic time”,  a minimum of 100k will be charged
  • In the event of waiting for parts, clients may rent a Honda Blade or Airblade billed at 100k per day.
  • We hold the right to replace parts that we feel are dangerous or required to complete our checkup, up to 1.000.000vnd from the original quote. This will be done without waiting for client consent. The client is responsible for paying and can not “undo” the changes we have made.
  • We do not carry out electrical work.
  • We do not carry out performance tuning. We are not a performance mechanic shop. Our mechanics are fast at diagnosing and fixing routine jobs. 
  • Clients failing to pick up a motorbike will be charged Sala rates for parking. We will put the motorbike in Sala parking lot.
  • Some of the methods used, may not satisfy foreigner mechanic standards. 
  • In the event of mistakes or delays over the original quote a Honda Blade or Airblade can be rented for free.